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Bill Morris

Wildlife Cameraman
Documentary Filmmaker 

Science Journalist
Book Author


In Search of the Lost Supercontinent 

The Road to Gondwana takes the reader on a journey in search of the lost southern supercontinent. It traces the steps science took to find Gondwana, and the journey Gondwana itself took through 500 million years of Earth history. Our tour guide on this journey is Glossopteris, — an extinct tree that dominated the supercontinent for 50 million years, before vanishing in the most devastating event ever to strike life on this planet, the Permian mass extinction.

"It is a scholarly and persuasive work, dazzling in its detail, but immensely entertaining and intriguing"

-Susan Kurosawa, The Australian 

New Zealand's most experienced

subantarctic shooter.


Credits include BBC Natural History Unit, NHNZ, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Beach House and more...

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Magazine work for NZ Geographic, Eos, The Guardian and more. 

Nominated best Feature Writer, NZ Media Awards 2022. 

Published author of "The Road to Gondwana," (Exisle Publishing 2022)

Independent Producer of two documentaries. 

15 years'  experience in commercial television.

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Three critically acclaimed albums:

"Mud," "Hinterland" and

"In the Limestone Country"


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